Capability Statement

Verso Armament Company has over 13 years’ experience operating in the DOD space. We are a trusted partner for Law Enforcement and Military Organizations that rely on our team of experienced consultants.

We buy used / confiscated weapons as well as have a duty weapon upgrade program.  Verso Armament Company is also able to obtain the latest firearms for demonstration needs.

Verso Consultants are seasoned firearms experts that can work with your supply officer to assess your training and operational needs; acquire the firearms, equipment, and accessories to meet those needs; and provide the continuing support to meet your department’s requirements.

Utilizing a product agnostic approach and always focusing on our client’s mission, Verso Armament Company can provide your organization with the ease and ability to maintain your operational and warfighting tempo while remaining under budgetary constraints.

We can provide your organization with duty weapons; carbines; long-range SASS capability; less-than-lethal alternatives; or the optics for those systems (FLIR, low light, red dot, long range scope).

When your supply officer or COR contacts Verso Armament Company, they will be put in touch with a consultant who is local to the DC area. Verso Consultants are available to meet with your personnel one-on-one to understand your requirements and will work with you to see mission success.

Please contact us today! (434) 767-8925