Providing the shooting enthusiast, first responder, and warfighter with the right tools for the job.

Verso Armament Company

, a leader in firearms sales and accessories, has been serving the needs of its Northern Virginia customers with in-depth knowledge of products, weapon systems and the latest firearm industry trends. Our staff's experience with handguns, rifles, and shotguns as well as NFA / Class III firearms (suppressors, machine guns, short barreled rifles), personal protection, competitive shooting, and duty weapons are unparalleled.

Verso Armament Company is performing regular transfers (Title 1 firearms such as handguns, rifles, etc.) again as well as Title 2 firearms (NFA Class 3 items such as suppressors, short barreled rifles, etc.)!  We are also still selling firearms and accessories.

Verso Armament Company is pleased to announce that we utilize ATF's new e-Form system for NFA purchases!  This will significantly reduce your wait time!  Please contact us to place your order today!